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Welcome to the Jungle
Investigate the Curiously Quiet Thicket.
Melanie hugglepup
Given By Melanie Hugglepup
Level 9-10
Location Trainwreck
Rewards 145 XP, 135 fubars
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- Fresh Out of Fun and Games


"E.A.T.E.M. has set up this base in Trainwreck to investigate the mysterious dwindling of the animals in the jungle. I need you to head you cute little self in there and see what you can find!"

"But if you DARE..." she grabs your arm with surprising, terrifying force, "...harm an innocent creature while you're in there, you will face a wrath the likes of which Elanthia has never seen. You will stare into the endless ebon abyss and know true horror. Yours will be a fate pitied by the damned."

She giggles and lets you go. "See you soon!"


Investigate the creatures in the Curiously Quiet Thicket.

Walkthough Edit

Go to The Jungle and adventure in the Curiously Quiet Thicket.

  • You will encounter the Downright Boring Antelope.
    • Choose "Bask in the beauty of the scene...or whatever."
    • 32 Exp granted.
  • Next, you will encounter the Unassuming Bunny.
    • Choose "Leave the cute little fella alone."
    • 32 Exp granted.
  • Finally, a robotic animal will attack you.
    • Defeat it and return to Melanie Hugglepup to complete the quest.

Quest CompletionEdit

Melanie sniffs the air as you approach and her eyes blaze.

"You smell of animal blood! You'll smell like your own if you don't have a good excuse!"

3 Slice loot gui top
3 Slice loot gui bottom
3 Slice loot gui xp fubar