Violent Vuvuzela Volley
Dodgebrawler Quest
Botches omulligan
Given By Botches O'Mulligan
Prerequisites Dodgebrawler
Level 8
Location Gymnauseum
Rewards 130 Exp; 100 Fubars
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N/A A Shady Tree...

When you reach level 8, a Dodgebrawler will come looking for you and tell you to head to the Gymnasium and talk to Botches.


In spite of the persistent "baby mattress" odor coming from where Botches is standing, you decide to talk to him anyway.

"Hey, pansy."

You look around. He looks directly at you with one cocked eye.

"Yeah, you. I'm in here tryin' to train my team, and all I can hear are those damn horns at the stadium." You didn't notice it until he said something, and now it's all you can think about. Thanks a lot, Botches. "If a man can't focus, a man ain't dodge. Go take care of it, and I'll see about gettin' you somethin' real nice."

Interesting, if not terrifying. Whatever, you should probably check it out anyway.


Silence those sinister sounds at the stadium!


Enter the Brawler's Field and strike down 6 monsters.

Quest CompletionEdit

Botches grins at you, and you wish he'd stop.

"Sweet mother, that's better. Good job, wussie."

Did he just insult-thank you? "I have something for you, but there's one more thing I need you to do first."

There always is, Botches. There always is.

3 Slice loot gui top
3 Slice loot gui bottom
3 Slice loot gui xp fubar