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The Doppler-Ganger Effect
Ddr machichi kookoo
Given By DDr. Michichi Kookoo (Math Lab)
Prerequisites Mathemagician
Level 8
Location Math Lab
Rewards "Ddr. Michichi Kookoo" Poster, 3x Elanthia's Own Pixie Juice
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"There is a fearsome creature called Gar the Barbearian. Gar used to be quite a nuisance to students, but Botches and his Dodgebrawlers ran him off campus, so you might want to talk to Botches about where you might find Gar. Once you find Gar, you need only let him roar at you. Your Doppler-Ganger will absorb the sound of his deafening Battle Cry, allowing you to bring it back here so I can study it. However, before you talk to Botches I need you to help one of my research assistants do something. He's waiting outside for you when you leave. It's all about efficiency, I'm having you take care of two annoyances for me at once! Elementary!"

Walkthrough Edit

After accepting the quest, you're stopped by the Geeksta, who requests you to deliver a package to Stan Bury in the Pleasanton Mall . Trawl Bloodbath and Beyond until you find Stan.

With the finger graft where it belongs, head back to the Gymnausem and speak to Botches. He'll tell you that your target enjoys raw meat. There's pretty much only one place you can reach at your current levels that has raw meat - Bread Basket's Bacon Acres .

Since he's after raw meat, don't bother checking the Festival or the Pork Chop Shop. Trawl the Porkin Patch to find Gar.