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The Braaaaain Trust
Find all 3 Zombie Lieutenants and take them down!
Given By The Faunted Family
Prerequisites Meet the Faunteds
Level 7-8
Location Haunted Farmhouse
Rewards 210 Exp; 205 Fubars
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Meet the Faunteds Braaaaain Waaaaaves


The Faunted Family

The father clears his throat before continuing: "The head Zombie, who we've taken to calling Braaaaain since that's all he ever says, must be destroyed if Pleasanton is to be saved. He's protected, though, by his three Lieutenants. Once they fall, he'll be vulnerable, and you can save us all! Right? That's why you're here? To save us?"

You start to say something, but are cut-off by a forceful hug from the little girl, who looks up with watery eyes and says "Pwetty pwease? Save my town?"

Sigh. FINE.

"Splendid!" the father says. "The Lieutenants can be found in the main buildings in town, the Mall, the Gas Station, and the School. You'll know them when you see them."


Hunt down the Zombie Lieutenants in the Mall, the School and the Gas Station

Hunting down the Zombie LieutenantsEdit

Upon completionEdit

The Faunteds' eyes widen and jaws collectively drop when you return.
"We heard the cries all the way out here, but just assumed they were celebrating while eating you alive. actually did it?!"


3 Slice loot gui top
3 Slice loot gui bottom
3 Slice loot gui xp fubar