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Mutiny on the Deckjoke
Find the Mini-Grabber.
Given By Captain Arrr
Level Any
Location Rickety Docks
Rewards Mini-Grabber


Captain Arrr

"Yarr," Captain Arrr begins, as he always begins, "you've come for me grabber, I take it. Ye think I'll just part with it? Hrmm? I'll have ye know, I'm quite protective of my winnings, they stay on my person at all..." he stops, patting his coat.
"...yarr. It would seem that I've lost it. YAR!" he exclaims suddenly, looking at the Deckjoke. "It's on me ship," he grumbles. "I suppose if ye go into the Fore Deck and fetch it, I can let ye borrow it fer a time."

(Does not show up on your Quest list)

Go to the Fore Deck of the S.S. Deckjoke and adventure until you reviece the Mini-Grabber



Mini-Grabber (Quest Item)
Handy for those too lazy to pick up with, let's say, your hands. Not particularly sturdy though.

This can be used to access the Boiler Pit (in the Boiler Room in the Detention Dungeon). Use the Mini-Grabber in place of your hands and...

Through the fire and/or flamesEdit

You arm yourself with the Mini-Grabber and extend it as far as it'll go, reaching through the fiery maelstrom and gripping the shutoff valve. As you turn it, two distinct yet equally disappointing things occur. First of all, the Valve itself snaps off and falls into the Boiler Pit. You notice a shiny metal glint in the dark as a shadowy shape scurries off with it.

Secondly, just as you get the Valve turned (and broken), the Mini-Grabber melts under the heat of the fire into a disfigured mess. So much for your promising career as a Litter Collector.

On the upside, the entrance to the Boiler Pit is open to you!