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Take Yourself to Monkey Town
Go to Monkey Town.
Jane allswell
Given By Jane Allswell
Level ≈9
Location The Jungle
Rewards 145 XP; 140 Fubars
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And By Monkey Suit You Mean... Have You Seen This Gorilla?

Allswell wants you to go to monkey town and investigate...


Jane Allswell

"Come now, <name>, don't give me that look! I thought you knew what to expect when you agreed to help a representative of E.A.T.E.M.! We don't take no for an answer, by golly, and we always meet our deadlines!

"Besides, I already tailored the recipe to fit you ever-so-snugly. How did I get your measurements, you ask? Listen <class>, E.A.T.E.M. has eyes and ears everywhere, alright? Anyway, it won't even be that hard of a mission. All you need to do is go into Monkey Town wearing the suit and do a little exploring. Meet the locals, try the food, see the sights. It's almost like a vacation!"

Yeah, almost.


After crafting your Monkey Suit, explore Monkey Town and discover its inhabitants.




Missing Dialogue

Quest CompletionEdit

"The Super Conducter has his hands in Monkey Town as well?! How dreadful! And you say their leader has sent you on a mission to save a imprisoned ape from the clitches of the Super Conducter? How awful! Aaaand you say you just saved a bunch of money on your badger insurance? How fantastic!"

3 Slice loot gui top
3 Slice loot gui bottom
3 Slice loot gui xp fubar