Steve the Tentacle
Steve the tentacle
Location Surprisingly Extensive Sewers
Questgiver for Laundry quest name, Fluffy quest name, Find Steve

In the sewers of townshire you will come across a mesh of tentacles labelled "????" but you can call him "Steve". Since he can't leave, he asks you to perform a few favors for him.

No problem, right?


Townshire > Lower Townshire > To Sewers > Steve the Tentacle

First encounterEdit

Introductions are in order
You approach the tentacle protruding from the sewer floor with your weapon ready. You haven't had you family's world-renouwned Tentacle Gumbo in far, far too long. As you prepare to strike, you're frozen when the Tentacle begins to speak, not so much aloud as directly into your brain:
"Oh, hey <name>," the voice says. "Yeah, I can totally read your thoughts. You're probably - scratch that - definitely wondering who I am.
"Technically," it continues, almost timidly, "my name is 'Dread-Tentaculos As'tiivran of the Black Heavens."
Of course. Of course it is.
"...but my friends call me Steve"
>>> ...go on.



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