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Icon Name Description Level Cost Type Base Ability Derivation
Slack Attack

Slack Attack

Slackninja tap only the smallest amount of their stored Zen to deliver basic attacks with lightning speed.

1 0 Physical Zip - Charm = Base Damage
Roundhouse Slack Roundhouse Slack

You expend Zen to increase the weight of your weapon, using its increased momentum to deliver a wholly damaging kick!

1 4 Physical Zip + Beef - Charm = Base Damage
Zen Escape Zen Escape While paralyzed, you can use Zen Escape to get back into the action, then immediately counter by reducing you opponent's damage! 1 10
Way of the Fugu Way of the Fugu Use your zip to infuse your weapons with poison, increasing your damage for 15 adventures. 4 2 +Zip/2 Damage
Chill Dude Chill, Dude A passive ability that reduces all incoming damages you take. It won't show up as a clickable ability, but automatically takes effect and can be seen in the tooltip over the defense icon. 6 n/a Unknown
Migty fist of slack Mighty Fist of Slack You feint with your weapon, allowing for a series of quick unarmed punches. 8 6 Physical 2*Zip + Beef - Charm = Base Damage
Icon slack of the leg Slack the Leg A sneaky attack that's normally only usable during the first round of combat, if you win initiative. You can also use this ability immediately after hiding in a Smoke Stick effect. 11 5 Physical 2.5*Zip) + (2*Beef) - Charm = Base Damage

+150% weapon damage

Icon state of abiding State of Abiding A passive ability that increases your chance to win initiative and score critical strikes. 13 n/a Unknown
Icon smoke stick Smoke Stick This allows you to use Slack of the Leg on your next turn, even if you lost initiative. 16 2 Unknown

BFF BenefitsEdit

As a Slackninja you provide the following benefit to your friends:
Slackpocket- A sneaky move that steals an item from an enemy creature!

Slackninja also randomly hit for physical damage if you have them as BFF's.



The Fashion Criminal (Level 3)

Damage deflection: 12

Despite it's name, you need not worry about the fashion police while wearing this. You are not committing a crime. You are not violating any ordinances. Move along, citizen. There is nothing to see here.

Ninja-d Dogi (Level 8)

Damage deflection: 59

Crafted from only the best stolen goods and highest quality black metal band t-shirts, this outfit should serve you or many years to come.


Further information for enchantments can be found on the Enchantments page, however, these are listed as being beneficial to Slackninja's.

  • Decent Bunny Scroll
  • Decent Coelacanth Scroll
  • Decent Hardened Bunny Scroll
  • Decent Hardened Licketycricket Scroll
  • Decent Intense Coelacanth Scroll
  • Decent Intense Elephino Scroll
  • Decent Intense Licketycricket Scroll
  • Decent Mighty Licketycricket Scroll
  • Decent Mighty Squirrel Scroll
  • Decent Rhyno Scroll
  • Decent Squirrel Scroll
  • Flawed Bunny Scroll
  • Flawed Coelacanth Scroll
  • Flawed Hardened Squirrel Scroll
  • Flawed Intense Bunny Scroll
  • Flawed Intense Cockroach Scroll
  • Flawed Intense Coelacanth Scroll
  • Flawed Intense Elephino Scroll
  • Flawed Intense Gorilla Scroll
  • Flawed Intense Hippo Scroll
  • Flawed Intense Hypercheetah Scroll
  • Flawed Intense Licketycricket Scroll
  • Flawed Intense Squirrel Scroll
  • Flawed Licketycricket Scroll
  • Flawed Mighty Bunny Scroll
  • Flawed Mighty Licketycricket Scroll
  • Flawed Mighty Squirrel Scroll
  • Flawed Rhyno Scroll
  • Flawed Squirrel Scroll
  • Perfect Bunny Scroll
  • Perfect Cockroach Scroll
  • Perfect Hardened Bunny Scroll
  • Perfect Intense Cockroach Scroll
  • Perfect Intense Gorilla Scroll
  • Perfect Intense Hippo Scroll
  • Perfect Intense Rhyno Scroll
  • Perfect Licketycricket Scroll
  • Perfect Mighty Squirrel Scroll
  • Perfect Squirrel Scroll
  • Proficient Bunny Scroll
  • Proficient Cockroach Scroll
  • Proficient Hardened Bunny Scroll
  • Proficient Intense Bunny Scroll
  • Proficient Intense Cockroach Scroll
  • Proficient Intense Rhyno Scroll
  • Proficient Mighty Bunny Scroll
  • Proficient Mighty Squirrel Scroll
  • Proficient Rhyno Scroll

Crafting ItemsEdit

There are a great many crafting items available in F.U. however, the true slackninja, only needs to keep a few of these on order to make Enchantment Scrolls beneficial to his class:

  • Ancient Spelling Quiz
  • Badger Claw
  • Beefcake
  • Disagreeable Beefcake
  • Disagreeable Pertinacious-D
  • Droplet of the Headmaster's Bath Water
  • Easytogetium
  • Eldritch Cheddar
  • Fallingfromtheskyium
  • Givenawayium
  • Hardened Zippity Doodad
  • Hardertoobtanium
  • Inyourinventorium
  • Irregularium
  • Justsittingthereium
  • Lesslikelium
  • Likeable Zippity Doodad
  • Lost Rivet
  • Mighty Zippity Doodad
  • Obtanium
  • Ordinarium
  • Partially Enruned Bread Crust
  • Pertinacious-D
  • Powdered Elephino Tusk
  • Practicallyfreeium
  • Stone Giant Skin Flake
  • Superlative Daisy
  • Wriggly Tentacle
  • Zippity Doodad

Slackninja-Specific QuestsEdit