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School of Rock
Gain access to the qPod and bring back music samples for the band!
Salacious e.png
This is just a tribute.
Given By Salacious E
Level 12-13
Location Palm 2 Face Recording Studio
Rewards 230 XP; 220 Fubars; Cheesy Blaster (x2); Extra Guy
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Begining of quest line Jobs... for you!
Cool Story, Pro

Salacious E[]

You walk into the recording booth, and find a rather ROCKTACULAR duo working somewhat diligently.
The shorter, dragon-looking fellow says, "Heya kid, we're the 'Salacious Elanthians.' You've probably heard of us, as we're the metalest, butt-kingingest band in Elanthia. We're trying to get some work done on our newst album," he says, pausing for dramatic effect.
"Guitar-Shredding Werewolf Explosion."
I don’t know about you, but I want to hear that album.
“Musical genius is a process of hard work and refinement, but we’ve been at this for literally minutes, and nothing’s coming! We need a little inspiration – just to get us kick-started, you know? If you want to help us out, head over to the qPod out there in the studio and get us some samples to inspire our RAWK.”

Gain access to the qPod and bring back music samples for the band!



During Quest[]

"Here's what we have so far: There once was a man...

Bill's Gate[]

There is something ominous and looming blocking your way – ominous and looming in that you feel that you might get sued for no reason. The gate itself isn’t that threatening.
A gate is a gate, however, and you can’t get by. Perhaps see if the locals know a way through?

Quest Completion[]

! In order to complete this quest, you need to complete all the sub-quests listed in the Walkthrough section of this article. !

You hand over the music samples from the qPod.

"Nice. VERY nice. Squee-bop doobie-lee-lee bop bizzaow. These are some tasty riffs, my friend. We can build some serious rock-tones out of this. While we're working, why don't you check out that sweet Arcade across the way? And take this, I hear these are important over there."

3 Slice loot gui top.png
3 Slice loot gui middle.png
3 Slice loot gui middle.png
3 Slice loot gui bottom.png
Icon cheesy blaster.png You receive 2x Cheesy Blaster!
Icon extra guy.png You receive an Extra Guy!
3 Slice loot gui xp fubar.png

We Gotta Write Something New[]

Salacious E are busy riffing away at one another, utilizing the mighty power of your hand-delivered musical inspiration.
"Doodle-oo WEE bop! Squee-dow squee-dow!" the squat one scats while prancing around thrashing at his guitar.
The taller one notices you and whispers, "It'll take us some time to get really rockin' on this album. He...does this. For days."