Info expanded mathemagician


Primary: Smarts
Secondary: Zip!
Disfavored: Loathing
Name Description Level Cost Damage Type Calculation
1+1 = BOOM! Mathemagician channel their spells through physical objects, because it helps when calculating the optimal angle of attack 1 0 Physical Smarts - Loathing = Base Damage
Mean of BOOM! A tiny explosion-based attack. Did someone sneeze? 1 3 Abracadamage Smarts + Zip - Loathing = Base Damage
Sleight Recalculation Dispel a magical or elemental effect cast on you by an enemy, restoring some of your mana at the same time! 3 10 - Max Mana / 2 = Mana Restored
Against the Odds A moderately strong explosive attack that sometimes wraps opponents in a restrictive magic field, which reduces the damage they deal 4 6 Hot hot heat Smart + Zip - Loathing / 2 = Base Damage
HeisenBOOM's Uncertainty Unleashes a blast of a random element! 6 8 Random Smarts * 1.5 + Zip - Loathing = Base Damage
BOOM! Squared A superior explosive-based blast of concussive power. 8 10 Physical (Smarts x 3) - Loathing = Base Damage
Doubles Weapon Damage
Protective Hypersphere This creates something like a tesseract, but without edges, so good luck describing that. Anyway, it gets in the way of your opponent's attacks, reducing damage dealt to you! 10 5 - -10% Damage Taken and Dealt
Solve for BOOM! A vastly explosive explosion, unlike any explosion before it. 13 13 Hot hot heat Smarts * 4 + Zip * 2 - Loathing = Base Damage
Breaking Even A very strong freezing attack that leaves the opponent susceptible to taking bonus damage from future attacks. 16 16 Ice-ice

Smarts *5 + Zip * 3 - Loathing = Base Damage

-25% Resistance to Ice-ice Damage

BFF BenefitsEdit

As a Mathemagician you provide the following benefit to your friends:
BFF = BOOM For Friends- A powerful blast of damage (10%~32% of current enemy Hp), plus a damage buff (11~22) for you! Based on lvl 14 BFF.