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Lu-Cid Dreaming
Go crash and then collect Cool Beans
Jeff lebruceli
Given By Jeff LeBruceli
Prerequisites Slackninja level 8
Level 8
Location Liberal Arts
Rewards 130 XP; 140 Fubars; Poster of The Dude; Elanthia's own Pixie Juice (x3)

This is the second Slackninja quest, it's given by Jeff LeBruceli at level 8.

A Student will come to you when you reach level 8:

Dude, The Dude Wants to See You

A student comes shuffling toward you out of the shadows. He's pretty good - you didn't see him. You also don't care.
"Hey. So, like, The Dude wants to see you or something. You know, whenever."
Wow, this sounds really urgent.


Jeff LeBruceli

"Kid, there's some seriously loud noise coming from the stadium. It's totally messing up my zen and stuff. It's lesson time. What do we do when faced with a bogus problem? We sleep on it. Head on out of here and find some place to get some sleep. Oh, and pay attention to your dreams. Come back when you've learned something."


Time to go crash.


Lu-Cid Dream
You shuffle around looking for a place to chill out. You slowly turn your head and catch a glimpse of a fellow Slackninja. Well, you catch a glimpse of his foot right before it connects with your forehead. The world quickly goes black, and you're in a particularly deep state of slack. Out of the darkness, an image begins to take shape.
"Hey there little cricket."
Did he just call you... cricket? Yeah, he did.
"I am Lu-Cid and I trained your teacher many years ago. I sensed a disturbance and came out of my eternal slack to help. The Dude is in great danger, man. What he needs to do is chill. You must go and battle a dreaded dream-enemy... the bean stalkers. Harvest their beans and take them to The Dude. Cool beans, man, cool beans."
This sounds like work.


Quest CompletionEdit

You hand the Cool Beans over to Jeff LeBruceli and he rolls them around in his hand.

"You spoke with Lu-Cid, didn't you, kid? Cool Beans, man. Turns out while you were gone, some other kids took care of the problem. Awesome. Good things come to those who slack, kid. Hey, take one of my posters and go hang it up in your dorm. Yeah, like now."

You think you get the lesson and all, but it seems like you still had to do alot of work. Oh well, whatever.

3 Slice loot gui top
3 Slice loot gui middle
3 Slice loot gui middle
3 Slice loot gui bottom
Icon the dude poster You receive a "Jeff LeBruceli" Poster!
Icon elanthias own pixie juice You receive 3x Elanthia's Own Pixie Juice!
3 Slice loot gui xp fubar