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Little Wicky Woo Who
Find and bring Little Wicky Woo Who to the Brawlers Field
Laura a framingham
Given By Laura A. Framingham
Prerequisites Emomancer class
Location Liberal Arts
Rewards Laura A. Framingham poster

Important NoteEdit

This quest is only for Emomancers.


When you reach level 8 go to Laura A. Framingham in the Basement.

She is annoyed by the noise and excitement in the gymnaseum.

She will tell you to find a creepy little girl named Wicky Woo Hoo, who turns out to be lurking about the Boarded Up Mall in Pleasanton (check Rot Topic).

Wicky Woo will agree to go with you in exchange for some shiny stickers. You can get the stickers from Admiral Snackbar (at the Rickety Docks) for 10 fubars. After you have bought the stickers, return to Rot Topic and give the stickers to Wicky Woo Hoo.

Then, you have to take her to Brawlers Field at the Gymnauseum in Fantasy University and finally, collect the reward from Laura.