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Your inventory, otherwise known as the "My Stuff" page, can be accessed by clicking on the backpack icon at the top of the game screen. Once there, you'll find that your stuff has a lot going on! That's because it's more than just your inventory - this page shows you all sorts of things.

The most important information on display includes what outfit you're wearing, what weapon you're holding, and what trinket you have equipped. Beneath that you'll see four filter boxes (the images of the shirt, sword, potion, and hammer). You can use these to sort through your inventory to find different types of things, like outfits and crafting resources.

If you have any items in your inventory that you can use or equip, this page is where you'll go to do so.

Other tabsEdit

You might also notice three other tabs in addition to Inventory on your My Stuff page. The Quest items page shows you any super important items you may be carrying that you are not allowed to drop, because it'd be really frustrating if you did.

The Abilities page lets you brush up on all the awesome things you can do in and out of combat.

Inventory LimitEdit

As cool as your inventory is, it isn't without its limits. Starting out, your inventory has a limit of 15. However, there are a lot of ways to increase it. For starters, for every BFF you have, you earn four additional inventory slots. You can also buy several items in the Hero Store, including items that temporarily or permanently boost your inventory by 10, up to 95! And for you completionists out there, keep an eye out for a way to earn another 5 bonus inventory slots, hiding somewhere out in the world! (are we talking about the send gift item Fu-Mart Sack ?)

Your VaultEdit

Every student has a Vault, which they can find in their Dorm Rooms. It's important to mention that you can only access your vault from your room, unless you have a special Remote Vault Access item from the Hero Store.

Your Vault grants you additional inventory space. Your starter vault offers 25 slots for stuff, which is pretty nice! You may find yourself needing more room for all your epic loot, though, and that's where the Hero Store comes into play. From there you can purchase bigger vaults, including an enormous treasure chest and a temporal Minigate!

You can easily get a free +10 to your vault storage by adventuring in the LolCatacombs until you encounter a Sewer Walrus, who drops a walrus bucket. Use this item in your dorm room to upgrade your storage.

Dorm vault wooden bucket 65px
Dorm vault walrus bucket 70px

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