Fantasy University Wiki


Letter Base Function Description
A Avatar Appearance -
B Pet Appearance You can purchase a pet at the hero shop, the auction house or from quests.
C Current Status Effects Indicates buffs and inflicted ailments for x adventures
D Quest Box Number of loot to get, enemies to kill, npcs to talk to
E Mood and Face Appearance (Changeable) Two non-changeable faces are zombie and low HP (<15%)
F Map Zone Method of travelling (point and click)
G BFF Zone Manage friends and BFFs. Displays their level/class/status.
H Return to previously visited Returns you to the previously visited, or one place out of town
i Quick Map Transfer Transfers you to places that are unlocked immediately
j Inventory Access your inventory to dispose or use items
k Crafting Tool Mix stuff to produce stuff or use recipes to make enchant scrolls
l Dorm Room Access your bed to sleep, vault to store stuff, pet cage
m guild House Access your guild vault/guild interface (check roster, requests)
n Notes Achievement information, additional information not listed
o Mail Send, receive, manage mails; green icon means unread mail
p Home Page Access the home page for Fantasy University (drop out/news)
q Hero Shop Purchase extra utility items for hero points
s Invite Friends Access Invite friends URL link and manage friends interface