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He Won't Last Long!
Restock Admiral Snackbar's delicious treats
Admiral snackbar
Admiral Snackbar would like you to reclaim the goods stolen from him by the Pierats. They can be found on the Hollow Deck of the SS Deckjoke.
Given By Admiral Snackbar
Location Rickety Docks
Rewards Access to Admiral Snackbar's shop inventory
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It's a Snack! You Won't Get Another Chance At This


"Welcome to Admiral Snackbar's! All craft, prepare for a treat!" ...Wow. Part of you, deep down inside, was hoping for something as amazing as what you're looking at right now. You have not been disappointed.
After retelling the events leading to your arrival at his shop, Snackbar smiles broadly. "I know just the thing to send this Willy Jack character overboard, <name>. There's only one problem- his Pierat cronies broke into me last night and made off with my goods! The thing you'll need to take down Willy Jack is expensive, you see. The only way I'll be able to afford it is if I can get my products back into circulation. Think you can help out an old Admiral, and recover my goods from the Pierats?"

Restock Admiral Snackbar's delicious treats



During QuestEdit

"This shield-shattering weapon I'm ordering for you doesn't come cheap, you know. Get my stuff back from those Pierats or you'll be selling mid-term answers in back alleys, <name>."

Report BackEdit

"Ah, excellent work, mate! Gundark Ears, 'S' Foils, it's all here. With the money I'm sure to make off of such quality products, making a down payment on our secret weapon won't be a problem. Are you ready to take the fight to Mad Willy Jack?"
3 Slice loot gui top
3 Slice loot gui bottom
3 Slice loot gui xp fubar