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Have You Seen This Gorilla?
Find a clue to Impala's whereabouts.
Looks like his friend got 'Lost'
Given By Hugozan
Prerequisites Take Yourself to Monkey Town completed
Location Monkey Town
Rewards XP, Fubars
Previous Next
Take Yourself to Monkey Town The Missing Link

This quest is given by Hugozan in Monkey Town .


"Hey,dude. You look a little lost. You sure you know where you are right now?"
Not entirely, no.
"I'm the founder of Monkey Town, dude and I lead its citizens, commonplace mokey all of them. My best friend, Impala, recently went missing. I last saw him heading for Conduction Junction after we got into a big fight about how much weight he's put on recently."
"After he had been gone for a whole, I wnet down there and looked for him, but I was forced out by some seriously powerful mechanized monkeys. You look like a tough little monkey, though. Maybe you can head down there and rough 'em up a bit, huh?"

Hugozan wants you to find a clue to Impala's whereabouts.



Returning Empty-HandedEdit

"I miss my little Impala so much. I just feel so lost without him, you know? If I know my Impala, I'm sure he left a clue somewhere in Conduction Junction. I just wish I could have found it on my own."

Quest CompletionEdit

 "Whoa, what do we have here dude? Some sort of gear? And it's covered in Impala's fur! This is the clue we need, <name>!"

3 Slice loot gui top
3 Slice loot gui bottom
3 Slice loot gui xp fubar