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This is a Trainwreck daily quest

Going Bananas (Daily)
Skeezy Kong in Monkey Town wants you to deposit ten Lonesome Bananas into your bank account
Skeezy kong
He'll have his people throw fecal matter at your people.
Given By Skeezy Kong
Prerequisites Monkey Suit
Level 9
Location Monkey Business
Rewards 145 Experience, 145 Fubars, Abra-Kablam x1


"Welcome to Monkey Business, small loans bank and trade. We here at M.B. deal exclusively with the sale and trade of bananas. In exchange for say, ten of the yellow beauties, we are willing to offer you a special item found to be incredibly effective against the robotic minions of the Super Conductor."

Skeezy flashes you a seemingly genuine smile. "So what do you say, do we have a deal?"


Collect 10 Lonesome Bananas for Skeezy Kong

During QuestEdit

"Threre's a reason bananas as the same color of gold, kid. If you're having trouble finding some, the rough-and-tumble crowd in the local tavern probably have some. Just don't tell me how you manage to get them, alright? The last thing we need is another lawsuit."

Walkthough Edit

Defeat creatures at the Conduction Junction or Damned Dirty Apes to get ten Lonesome Bananas.

Quest CompletionEdit

"Excellent! Thank you kindly, Sir/Madam. Her is your Abra-Kablam, as promised. Come back tomorrow— we're always on the lookout for more bananas."

Ha! I'll bet you are.