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Icon Name Description Level Cost Damage Type Calculation
Icon breaking brawl Breaking Brawl

Your basic attack as a Dodgebrawler uses good old fashioned
muscle power to strike with your equipment.

1 0 Physical Be - Sm
Icon fastbrawl Fastbrawl A speedy strike using your equipment to inflict damage. 1 4 Physical Be + Ch - Sm
Icon brawl of steel Ragebrawl

When your damage is weakened by an enemy, hulk out to
remove the effect and increase your damage in the process!

3 10 - -
Icon rageball Brawl of Steel A strong melee attack augmented by your equipment 4 5 Physical Be + Ch
The Fifth 'D' A passive bonus that improves your chance to escape combat. 7 - - -
Icon murderbrawl Murderbrawl A vicious melee assault augmented by your equipment. 9 6 Physical

2Be + Ch - Sm

Icon dodgebarrage Dodgebarrage Reduces the damage you take for 10 adventures. 11 7 - -10% Damage
Icon wrecking brawl Wrecking Brawl A disastrous attack that inflicts major pain. 14 8 Physical

2Be + 2Ch - Sm

BFF BenefitsEdit

As a Dodgebrawler you provide the following benefit to your friends:
Meat Shield- A defensive maneuver that reduces the damage you take!

Dodgebrawler ScrollsEdit

When viewing the lists, use the left and right arrows on the left of the title bar to quickly view the next or previous level range.

Level 1-4 Scrolls
Level 5-8 Scrolls
Level 9-12 Scrolls
Level 13-16 Scrolls
Level 17-20 Scrolls (not yet released)

Dodgebrawler Enchantment ItemsEdit

  • Beefcake
  • Droplet of the Headmaster's Bath Water
  • Ghostly Spleen
  • Hardened Beefcake
  • Intuitive Beefcake
  • Intuitive Heart of Pom
  • Intuitive Pertinacious-D
  • Likeable Beefcake
  • Partially Enruned Bread Crust
  • Pertinacious-D
  • Powdered Elephino Tusk
  • Small Caged Sprite
  • Sun-Dried Pixie Wing
  • Tricontakaiheptagon
  • WD-39
  • Intuitive Pertinacious-D