Crafting OverviewEdit

Crafting is an integral part of Fantasy University, allowing players to create, deconstruct, experiment, and build the craziest and coolest things their hearts and minds desire. Okay, it's not quite there yet, but we're working on it! What crafting does offer, though, is a chance for players to create powerful enchantments for their gear, create consumable items they can use in combat, and build hilarious costumes and pets you couldn't get any other way. For a lot of practical help about the crafting system, you can actually learn almost everything you need to know by clicking on "Hey, I need more help with crafting!" on the Crafting page of the game. You can access this page by clicking on the Saw and Hammer icon at the top of the game screen. Craft-o-riffic!

Recipes and ExperimentationEdit

There are two ways you can use the crafting system- by following the ingredients list on recipes you've learned, or by trying to jam a random assortment of gadgets and widgets together with some determination and a lot of elbow grease. You can find recipes from a number of sources, including random drops, quest rewards, and good old fashioned exploration. If you successfully craft an item together via experimentation, you will learn the recipe automatically.

For a list of recipes, their ingredients, types and description: Recipes Page.

Amp Crystals and EnchantmentsEdit

A main draw to the crafting system is the ability to create Enchantment Scrolls, which will increase the level of your outfits and equipments, making them substantially more powerful. Enchantment Scrolls are used to imbue your equipment with stat bonuses, such as increasing your Charm or Durability, decreasing your Loathing, and more. Unlike consumables, costumes/pets and other random quest items, you cannot craft Enchantments without gaining the recipes first. Once you have these recipes, you'll need to find all the ingredients before you can craft the scroll. Once you've done that, you can go to your Backpack page to use the item on the equipment of your choice. Be careful! Using an Enchantment Scroll of a higher level over a piece of equipment that's already been enchanted will REPLACE the old enchantment! Craft with care, friends!

For a list of enchantments, head over to Enchantments.