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Icon Name Description Level Cost Type Ability Derivation
332011 112951 PM Squad Flog Your basic Cheermonger attack uses awesome acrobatic moves to give your equipment some oomph! 1 0 Physical Charm - Beefosity
Icon gimme a beat down Gimme a Beat! Down! A powerful, physical attack; its damage can be increased with advanced cheers. 1 3


Charm + Loathing - Beefosity
Icon hip-hip heal Hip Hip Heal!

When some meanie stuns or disarms you, give yourself an encouraging cheer to remove the effect and heal yourself too! (Only usable when Stunned or Disarmed.)

3 10



~50% of maxHP
Icon we got spirit We Got Spirit! Increases your Charm by 20% for 15 adventures. 5 8 Buff + Charm/5 Damage
Icon in it to win it In it to Win it! Your Squad Flog ability will now heal you in addition to dealing damage for 6 adventures. 6 5



+ 2*(Durability)/5 HP
Icon b e aggressive B! E! Aggressive! Your equipment damage increases slightly for 7 adventures. 7 13 Buff + 10% equipment Damage
Icon fight pet fight Fight Pet, Fight! Damage dealt by your pet is increased drastically for 9 adventures. 10 22 Buff + 75% Pet Damage
Icon we are number 1 We're #1! Drastically increase the damage you deal with Gimme a Beat! Down!, and changes the physical damage to be sparkle damage for 11 adventures. 12 32 Buff

+ (Charm+Loathing)/2 Damage

Changes Damage to Sparkle

Icon whats that spell What's That Spell? A damaging attack that also weakens the enemy's strength. (Note: it only works once per battle.) 16 9



Double weapon damage + 2*Charm sparkle damage

-?? damage D.E.B.U.F.F

BFF BenefitsEdit

As a cheermonger you provide the following benefit to your friends:
Cheer of the Besties- A peppy cheer that heals the player and awards additional experience for winning combat!