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Braaaaain Waaaaaves
Quest: Confront Braaaaain
Given By The Faunted Family
Prerequisites "The Braaaaain Trust" completed
Level 7-8
Location Outer Limits
Rewards 210 XP; 220 Fubars
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The Braaaaain Trust PLOT TWIST: Welcome to Pleasanton


The Faunted Family mobs you in a disgustingly energetic group hug. Personal space, people.

The father, breathless from squeezing the life out of you, says, "(gasp) ... you're so close! (gasp) ... Braaaaain's vulnerable now! (gasp) ... finish him and save us all! (ROOOOOAAAAAAAAR)"

...that sounded a bit different. You're almost afraid to ask.

The family huddles together on the floor, shaking. "That's him, he's out in the town square. Good luck with that."


Defeat Braaaaain.

Upon re-entering without finishing the questEdit

The Faunteds collectively shove you towards the door. "I mean, the Lieutenants were no problem, right? How bad could he be? Off you go!"



Braaaaain BeatdownEdit

Suddenly, Braaaaain lets out a monstrous roar that shakes the ground and knock you flat on your back! Graceful.
You black out, the last sound in your ears is Braaaaain snargilng as he lunges to surely feast on your gray matter.
Wait a second. You feel funny.
Not so much funny "ha ha" as funny "where'd all my flesh go?"
And is that half eaten brain you smell?
>>> Uh-Oh!
Notification header quest complete
3 Slice loot gui middle
3 Slice loot gui middle
3 Slice loot gui bottom
Well, it would appear that Braaaaains can clean up rather nicely if the
situation calls for it. In other news, you're totally undead.
You gain 210 experience!
You gain 220 fubars!

I can Smell Your BrainsEdit

You hobble to your feet. What's left of your feet, anyways. Has that bone always been visible? You're sure it has.
Mayor brian

Elected primarily because of his hardline stance against headshots.

You look up and to your surprize, in place of the monstrous Braaaaain is a dapper-looking zombie looking casually at his pocket watch...from the other side of some sturdy looking iron bars.
>>> What is the meaning of this?!