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Better, Stronger, Faster (Daily)
The Manatee lurks in the Mangle, but is notoriously quick and difficult to find. Always hungry, though.
Six Million Dollar Manatee
Given By Lara Hotpants
Prerequisites Wriggity-Wreck Yourself completed, any Exceptional or better fish from James Pond.
Location The Mangle
Rewards XP, Fubars, 3x Hocus POWcus

This quest is given by Lara Hotpants in The Mangle:


Lara Hotpants

"Welcome back <name>! I've got quite the assignment for you."

Lara gestures south, towards the interior of The Mangle.

"There is a mythical creature hunting in that wreckage. A creature that is better, stronger, and faster than it has any right being, not to mention that it shouldn't really be on dry land at all."

Lara pauses for dramatic effect. "The Six Million Dollar Manatee. Its bionic quickness makes it nearly impossible to find, unless of course you come bringing bait that meets his discerning palate. Nothing Average will do." Summary

Defeat a Six Million Dollar Manatee at the Erroneous Position Relative To The Rails.

Returning Empty-HandedEdit

"No luck, eh? It is an elusive beast! Something fishy is definitely going on here."


Finishing the QuestEdit

"My goodness, you found it? AND defeated it? Marvelous! Here, I managed to scrounge up something that might help in this place."
3 Slice loot gui top
3 Slice loot gui middle
3 Slice loot gui bottom
Icon abracadamage grenade You receive 3x Hocus POWcus!
3 Slice loot gui xp fubar

(Note: DO NOT throw or sell these Hocus POWcus away, they can be given to Prof. Jamie Savage Adam in order to become a member of the M.O.B, and to get the M.O.B Membership Card)