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Back at the Wheel, Err, Helm
Speak with Captain Arrr.
Admiral snackbar
Given By Admiral Snackbar
Location Rickety Docks
Rewards 35 XP; 25 Fubars; Pirate Garrrb
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You Won't Get Another Chance At This End of the quest series

Description : Admiral SnackbarEdit

Admiral snackbar
"I saw Mad Willy Jack high-tailing it towards the next town with my own eyes, mate! And trust me, these eyes see everything, being on both sides of my face and all.
Anyway, we won't have to worry about that prude another minute. Why don't you head on down to Captain Arrr and bring him the good news? I'll see if I can't procure some of those overpriced party favors you see at gas stations all the time."

Talk to Captain ArrrEdit

Captain Arrr giggles unapologetically as you reveal the news about Mad Willy Jack's defeat. "Good on ya, kid. As far as this old sea dog is concerned, yer a true pirate now. And to show my respect, I'm making you the honorary first mate of the SS Deckjoke! Take this Pirate Garrrb, Lass, and wear it with pride.


3 Slice loot gui top
3 Slice loot gui middle
3 Slice loot gui bottom
Icon pirate garrrb You find somePirate Garrrb
3 Slice loot gui xp fubar
  • Pirate Garrrb
    Pirate Garrrb: Level 3 Outfit (Damage Deflection: 12)
Pirates! Lovable rum-drinking cutthroats who rip off those foolish enough to try to make an honest living. Awesome!!