Elanthia: "Here it is, in all its glory. As far as you know!"

NPC Questgiver, information, menu, dialog
Merchant Sells and buys items, one type of item
1 AP Fighting area - costs 1AP per enemy
Off Limits Not activated location

Fantasy University Edit

Rickety Docks Edit

Liberal Arts Edit

Conservative Arts Edit

Student Local Union No. 98 Edit

Detention Dungeon Edit

Mordorms Edit

The City of Townshire (level req. 5) Edit

Upper Townshire Edit

Town Green Edit

Lower Townshire Edit

Learning Center Edit

Slumville Edit

The Bread Basket (level req. 6) Edit

Bacon Acres Edit

The Camp Site (1 AP, level 10) Edit

Crop Circles (1 AP, level 10) Edit

Pasta Orchards Edit

Pleasanton (level req. 7) Edit

Boarded-Up Mall Edit

Full Service Gas Station (1 AP, level 7) Edit

Cemetery (1 AP, level 8) Edit

Pleasanton High School Edit

Outer Limits Edit

Trainwreck (level req. 9) Edit

The Jungle Edit

E.A.T.E.M. HQ (NPC Melanie Hugglepup ) Edit

The Mangle (1 AP, level 9) Edit

Misplaced Bear (NPC) Edit

Archaeologists Anonymous (NPC Sir Archibald Dirtypants ) Edit

Nostalgya (level req. 11) Edit

Peso ArcadeEdit

Palm 2 Face Recording StudioEdit

Hauli Woods (level req. 15) Edit

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Magicologist Crater (level req. 16) Edit

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Lake Tweenlight (level req. 17) Edit

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The Memes of Moarya (level req. 18) Edit

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