Fantasy University Wiki

Elanthia: "Here it is, in all its glory. As far as you know!"

NPC Questgiver, information, menu, dialog
Merchant Sells and buys items, one type of item
1 AP Fighting area - costs 1AP per enemy
Off Limits Not activated location

Fantasy University[]

Rickety Docks[]

Liberal Arts[]

Conservative Arts[]

Student Local Union No. 98[]

Detention Dungeon[]


The City of Townshire (level req. 5)[]

Upper Townshire[]

Town Green[]

Lower Townshire[]

Learning Center[]


The Bread Basket (level req. 6)[]

Bacon Acres[]

The Camp Site (1 AP, level 10)[]

Crop Circles (1 AP, level 10)[]

Pasta Orchards[]

Pleasanton (level req. 7)[]

Boarded-Up Mall[]

Full Service Gas Station (1 AP, level 7)[]

Cemetery (1 AP, level 8)[]

Pleasanton High School[]

Outer Limits[]

Trainwreck (level req. 9)[]

The Jungle[]

E.A.T.E.M. HQ (NPC Melanie Hugglepup )[]

The Mangle (1 AP, level 9)[]

Misplaced Bear (NPC)[]

Archaeologists Anonymous (NPC Sir Archibald Dirtypants )[]

Nostalgya (level req. 11)[]

Peso Arcade[]

Palm 2 Face Recording Studio[]

Hauli Woods (level req. 15)[]

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Magicologist Crater (level req. 16)[]

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Lake Tweenlight (level req. 17)[]

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The Memes of Moarya (level req. 18)[]

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