What Are They?Edit

Adventures in Fantasy University enables a player to go on ADVENTURES. Or in other words, they basically limit HOW much grinding, questing and healing you will do. From killing miniature cutesy bunnies, to staring at the roof in your dorm room, strolling up along the sidewalk to fight some crazy bushmonster, snooping in the thrash can or impaling some fish for some nice XP, they all COST AP. AP is indicated by that sand hourglass beside your health and ability power points.


How Do I Get More?Edit

You will automatically receive 1 Adventure Point per 15 minutes. You can increase the rate at which you recharge adventure points by adding BFFs. Each BFF decreases the recharge time by 50 seconds. For a maximum recharge rate of 10 minutes per adventure point.

Alternatively, if you don't want to wait, you can always use Hero Points to get an Adventure booster shot in the Hero Store, and get right back on the road to F.U. glory.