Admiral snackbar

Admiral Snackbar's


"It's a snack!"


Fantasy University > Rickety Docks


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Shop InventoryEdit

Once you complete Admiral Snackbar's quests, he will open up shop where you can buy/sell items. Most of his wares are potions that you can use in battle with various effects towards the enemy. Or something weird. It's a guy in a vending machine, what did you expect?

33 Degree Ice Cube 10 Fubars
Canned Saltwater 10 Fubars
Headmaster's Baby Blanket 10 Fubars
Holey Water 10 Fubars
Magicologist Crater Lava Rock 10 Fubars
Not-At-All-Magical Wand 10 Fubars
Sheet of Rainbow and Sunshine Stickers 10 Fubars
Bottle of Liquid Fire 17 Fubars
Armed and Operational Disco Ball 100 Fubars
Flask of Spittoon Samples 100 Fubars
Jar Jar Jar 100 Fubars
Unattractive Ugli 220 Fubars

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  • Reference to Admiral Ackbar from the Star Wars universe